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We just got our yearbooks and these are my fav quotes


senior quotes are the new text post

This is for the people who live in a broken home

I am one of those people who say that they do not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. But the thing is, deep deep down, I really do care. It’s awful that society is that way, but the way people perceive you can really determine your success in the world. 

I suppose the reason that I don’t tell people my secret is that 1) I don’t care what people think (truly), 2) it is none of their business, and 3) it hurts to talk about it. 

So here I am, ready to tell the world. Although, I don’t really know if anyone is willing to read this. The heart-breaking secret is: my parents hate each other and they have not had a sustaining conversation in over 5 years. If they do have a conversation, they are probably fighting. But the weird thing is that they are not divorced. 

It’s weird to have to listen to your friends talk about how their families actually communicate. It’s weird to watch your parents try and dodge talking. It’s painful not knowing what’s wrong. It’s painful even thinking it might be your fault. It’s also painful not knowing. 

Usually I don’t like Ariana Grande, but this is an exception

(Source: Spotify)

This song never gets old

(Source: Spotify)

All of the things that you could ever accomplish in life will mean nothing if you’re not happy in your heart.

Tennis, Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Magic Man, the Black Keys, and Food are just a few things I am obsessed with.